David Jablow- Further Adventures

March 1st- 31st

Philadelphia artist, David Jablow collects and meticulously completes the compositions on obscure and somewhat risqué novelty note pads from the mid-20th century. Jablow's vision and creativity holds no bars on the possibilities of characters and scenarios. Fully developed stories evolve from a very simple suggestion of a female form. Its clever, captivating, hilarious, albeit impressive how much an artist like Jablow can develop for these damsels and heroines in such a small amount of space.

"Giving new life to objects left for dead is fun, quirky, and often times environmentally considerate. What I’m doing with these old sheets of paper is ‘purposing’ them. I’m doing exactly what the printers had in mind when they originally produced and distributed them. I like the idea that I’m doing this decades after they were made, after they’ve been sitting in drawers until someone decided to post them for sale on eBay or Etsy.

When artist’s face a complete blank canvas or paper, they face that paradoxical problem of endless possibilities. Too many options can often be constraining.
I sidestep this with the help of my muse. I simply access that part of the brain that we use when we play the game of charades. “What could she be doing.” my mind asks. Ideas then flow. I mentally sift through them and make loose sketches to narrow down the options. Which would make a drawing that I’d want to make? What haven’t I done before? Maybe something funny, maybe macabre, or maybe I feel like challenging myself with some complex perspective angle. I get to draw it all; foliage, animals, technology, different eras of human history. That’s half the fun. It’s always the same challenge and always new and different.”

Bikers,  Ink on Paper

Bikers, Ink on Paper