Poisons and Antidotes

September 4th- October 28th

Some energies shroud in the shadows while some shine strong and brightly, such are the forces that push and pull amongst us. From toxic foes to altruistic Samaritans, we are surrounded by other’s motives, left to our own volition in the aftermath. It is up to us to wither under, thrive on, possibly even pass along. With personal reflection, what side of the line do we stand on, with the healers and do-gooders or with the cruel and mischievous?

Poisons and Antidotes present the duality of the damages and the remedies. A collection of artist portrayals of malicious intents and selfless healers throughout history, in the myths, as well in our contemporary times.  From symbols to epic stories to iconic embodiments of the deeper workings within the human spirit and the physical. The rain can heal and nourish some, while others writhe in pain.

Invited artists

  • Nick Baxter

  • Justin Harris

  • Greg Jaskot

  • Jon Krause

  • Michele Melcher

  • Kathryn Noska

  • Jeff Schaller

  • John Tarrao

 Nick Baxter -  The Four Humours  - oil on canvas

Nick Baxter - The Four Humours - oil on canvas

Papercutting by Jessi Brown and Casey Lynch

July 3rd - August 31st

Dating back as early as 100 CE in China, paper cutting began as a decorative folk tradition focusing on landscape and floral motifs. Moving to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, the craft evolved as a cheaper alternative than woodcarvings for home decoration with its height. Paper cutting arrived in the States with an influx of German and Dutch immigrants in the 19th century, and took hold in Pennsylvania. The practice is experiencing a resurgence with a contemporary reinterpretation and rising popularity among young talents. Artists Casey Lynch and Jessi Brown engage in the dialogue of present day paper cutting, by remixing old subject matter and techniques while pushing the art form forward with innovative styles and themes. Casey Lynch, a paper cutter from South Jersey, focuses on paper cutting’s narrative potential and fantastical qualities. On the other hand, Jessi Brown, working out of Gladwyne, explores paper’s expressive potential while also speaking to the process’s tradition. The coexistence of Brown’s traditional silhouettes, original compositions, and expressive portraiture speak to the modern practice of paper cutting which quotes is history but elaborates on its potential.

 Jessi Brown-  Merry Go Round

Jessi Brown- Merry Go Round


Garden of Illumination works by Marilyn Foehrenbach

June 1st- 30th

Illustrator Marilyn Foehrenbach brings the beauty of nature through her art for others to re-imagine and enjoy. Having a wide range of illustration and design experience which she employees to capably manifest unique narratives. As a preferential calling, Foehrenbach continually refers to the infinite splendor of our world’s flora and fauna for subject matter and compositional elements. In a modern society fixated on devices and narcissism, the artist here feels charged with the mission to remind viewers of the nuances both amongst us and far out of reach; at least until we decide to venture from our comfort zones and explore the great world Foehrenbach has re-presented. By way of a “fantastical, tribute to scientific illustration” and symbolism the artist creates captivating, proficient, and fun works of art for everyone to enjoy.



Monoprints- Christine Stoughton

May 1-30th

Select works by local printmaker, Christine Stoughton. Stoughton's process of monoprint creates one of a kind works that are both lyrical and evocative. These works on paper speak to the delicacies and complexities of natural forms in the macros as well as micro dominions.

  Violin Concerto

Violin Concerto

Controlled by Desire- Steve Martin

April 1-30th

These paintings explore ideas of our world where violence and illicit sex are strong negative forces at work on us all, from our youth to old age.  These forces build momentum and work down our tolerance regarding socially acceptable acts and images, powering the roller coaster of life as Martin recognizes it.

This series is dealing with ideas of temptation and the struggle for discipline in one's intimate surroundings and our greater global environment; popular social ills, such looming shadows as lust and violence, as well other powerful influences that one must work against in the following of a higher conscious path.

"I am using objects familiar and available to me; enhancing, complimenting, and juxtaposing objects in my life or those close to me, and allowing the development of the ideas instinctively."  Using Super Soakers, military grenades and helmets, video game controllers, guns, and masks to address aggression, homogony, and influence to a world completely dominated by such.

  Free Exercise of Choice

Free Exercise of Choice

Intimate Grouping- Paintings by Keith R Breitfeller

March 1st- 31st

Internationally shown and collected painter, Keith Breitfeller has honed in on techniques of mark making and color theory that are striking while pensive. Breitfeller's paintings are contemplative color fields built by heavily textured brush strokes, applied layer upon layer. Clarity and intent intensify as the layers build upon each other while almost completely obscuring most of the work previously assembled. Shifts in the pigment’s temperature and tone lead the viewer through a ruminative phase while commanding the larger space the art inhabits. These paintings calm and introspective nature are partly due to a muted palette transitioning into a vibrant swatch that subtly descends within its confines. The artist has mastered his method as well as provided a respite for the over stimulated surroundings we are each constantly tapped into.



Steve Martin- Large and in Charge

January 1st- February 30th

Inspired by the visual vocabularies of urban design and decay, graphic design and illustrative tattoo art, Martin allows these sources to infuse the work with both a psychological and visual vibrancy. These large scale pieces are characterized by spontaneous mark making, layering, and dynamic composition. Martin utilizes many of the materials and techniques characteristic of street art, remnant of his shadowy aerosol conquests. Emulative of Action Painting, the base of the works are playful with dynamic energy, while foreboding undertones stamp the surfaces. Working in a method of automatism, the subconscious allows to define the process and outcome.

  Invaders Decide Quickly

Invaders Decide Quickly

Small Works Show and Sale

November 6th- December 30th.

A holiday art show and sale with a wide variety of affordable pieces from some of the areas most talented artists. Find a small gem for yourself or someone on the gift list!

Participating artists:

  • Nannette A. Clark

  • Lorraine Clauhs

  • Shaina Craft

  • Justin G. Doughty

  • Suzanne Francis

  • Jason Goldberg

  • Kylie Grant

  • Chance Isbell

  • Candice Jefferies

  • Julia Johnson

  • Georganna Lenssen

  • Jennifer L. Manzella

  • John McDaniel

  • Carol Oldenburg

  • Ben Parker

  • Jacqueline Reis

  • Jeff Schaller

  • Christy Schwathe

  • Lynnette Shelley

  • Christine Stoughton

  • Steven Walker

  • Barbara Zanelli

 Jennifer L. Manzella  Tiny Universe

Jennifer L. Manzella Tiny Universe


Magnifica Terra

September 4th- October 27th.

The exhibition will showcase artists appreciations and interpretations of our awe-inspiring surroundings, both natural and man-made. The landscape as a subject for painters has been long standing favorite. For some it is the engaging experience on being surrounded by their muse, for others it is a longing for a distant place while diligently working in a controlled space. Paintings of the space we inhabit and have yet to visit speak volumes to the relationship we have with the greater world, it’s humbling while intimate. We are part of something synergistic, a cycle, a constant change. Part of the greatness of capturing a scene is that it is eternally secured, now a moment in time encapsulated and celebrated for others to enjoy beyond that which happened just once. This collection of works give a not only an appreciation for the skill and talents of the artists but an opportunity for the viewers to look through a unique lens at something glorious and yet often taken for granted.

Invited artists:

  • Kathryn Deaville

  • Elizabeth Flood

  • Suzanne Francis

  • Randall Graham

  • Barbara Grant

  • Stefanie Lieberman

  • Steven Walker

 Stefanie Lieberman- Flag

Stefanie Lieberman- Flag

Transferred Impressions

July 10th- August 27th.

The exhibition will showcase a range of styles and techniques in modern printmaking. Works exhibited will aim to bring attention to a beautiful, technically proficient, and yet often overlooked art form that has illuminated mankind for centuries.

  • Invited artists:

  • Cynthia Back

  • Agathe Bouton

  • Linda Dubin Garfield

  • Jennifer L. Manzella

  • Gina Michaels

  • Noosh!

  • J.A. Panetta

  • Mark Price

  • Mike Sgier

  • Christine Stoughton

  • Wendee Yudis

Please join us for a chance to meet local artists and purchase their original works. Light refreshments will be provided by our local Iron Hill Brewery.

Seeker (1).jpg


Informally Acquainted

May 9th- June 27th, 2017

A group exhibition exploring form as subject by contemporary artists. The collection of artworks addresses issues of self-identity, body type acceptance, intimacy and aging. Working in various mediums from timeless practices to exploring new materials and techniques, artists evince their appreciation of the human figure. Some exercise mastery of classic renderings of the subject while others seek expressive interpretations and inspirations of the all so familiar forms, albeit infinitely unique.

These modern examples of a classic motif naturally register with us because what we recognize is most familiar, a variation of the material self. These are moments in the finite life of another being, stilled and eternalized, sometimes celebrated. A story is told, energy is felt, and technical skills are admired. The intimacy of engaging a portrait or figure painting will always be reflective, enticing, and esteemed, from the experience the of artist to that of the viewer.

Invited artists

  • Mashiul H. Chowdhury

  • Shaina Craft

  • Terry Ribera

  • Thomas Tustin

  • Zack Zdrale

The Painted Ménagerie

April 1st- 30th, 2017

“The Painted Ménagerie” is a group exhibition that showcases a range of styles and perspectives on the theme of animals, from those common household pets to the rare and exotic creatures in the wild. The show features works by talented tattoo artists from across the country.

Featured works by;

  • Chance Isbell

  • Ulysses Blair

  • Kim Reed

  • Mike Cann

  • Ben Parker

  • Carlos Paschoal

  • Shawn Hannon

 Ulysses Blair and Emmanuel Mendoza- "Intertwined"

Ulysses Blair and Emmanuel Mendoza- "Intertwined"

Steven Martin

March 1st-31st, 2017

A collection of original works by the shop owner, Steve Martin. These oil paintings echo the traditional disciplines and vocabularies of Impressionists mixed with American Realists. Playful still lifes with haunting subtexts, landscapes from the Swiss Alps to the American Southwest, and suggestive figurative paintings span the range of this body of work. Come in to engage the eternally captured moments, suspended in pigment and oil on wood and fabric.


 Tranquil Bends- Oil on Paper

Tranquil Bends- Oil on Paper