Figure and Form

September 1st- October 31st

The human body is extremely familiar to us all. It is something that transcends time and place, a form that elicits comfort, arousal, compassion, and pride. We have begun to deviate from the tradition of personal shame, objectification, and passing of judgment that has too long permeated our society, in favor of a more body-positive stance and more respectful interactions. Our cloaks of humiliation and sense of discomfort with the bare body are fading away, allowing for art to bring to light the glory of each individual uniqueness in the public eye. The natural beauty of the human form is presented at its purest, revealing its potential for strength, as well as vulnerability, in a way that only creative minds and hands can. This show features artists whose principal focus is depicting the human figure. Their work is widely varying in aesthetic, from careful rendering to whimsical expressiveness: including portraits, figure studies, nudes, and scenes depicting the common man and woman.

The modern resurgence of figurative painting in today‚Äôs art world has allowed for the emergence of a wide range of experimental forms, compositions, and subject matters. The current wave of visionaries is safeguarding the classical motif of the human form both in the studio and the exhibition space. There is a need for future mythology and iconography, symbolic narratives explaining how the world and humankind might evolve from its past. Narratives can teach, enlighten, and inspire us to move forward with hope and aspiration. The desire for storytelling is intrinsic to human existence. Since ancient times, artists depicted figures and tales from mythology, legend, or history, and today is no exception.

Invited artists:

  • Bettina Clowney

  • Christine Sajecki

As October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a portion of the proceeds from this show will support domestic violence awareness and services. Domestic violence affects millions, including both women and men, of every race, religion, culture, and status. It harms the body, as well as the spirit; however, organizations, events, and national conversation can alter social consciousness and encourage people to change their actions, support survivors, and donate to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The show is free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday each week. You will not want to miss out on experiencing these one of a kind pieces in person, join us Saturday September 7th for the opening reception from 6-9pm. Wine and light fare will be served compliments of awarding winning JPM Catering and Events.